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Occupational Health Management

It can be challenging for your business when a member of staff is unable to do their job due to illness, injury and impaired. Here at Medicus we provide training and testing services helping businesses maintain continuity in the workplace.  We believe a healthy team is a happy team. Healthier employees are more effective, reliable, and resilient. Our advice and services are tailored around your business, so it is easier to implement and make a real lasting difference.




Some employers have adopted screening as part of their drug and alcohol policy or there may be a case for screening, particularly in certain jobs (for example employees who make safety-critical decisions like drivers, pilots, and some machinery operators).


In jobs like these the misuse of drugs or alcohol could have disastrous effects for the employee, colleagues, members of the public and the environment.

Covid-19 TESTING

PCR & Lateral Flow Tests

ECOTEST Individual Buffer solution Image

We can come to you and carry out testing, train your staff to do the testing and supply you with all the different types of test kits available. All our kits are UK Government approved.

Our tests can be used for:


  • Screening within families or the workplace
  • Screening for outward travel (the laboratory certificate provided can be used as a COVID-free travel certificate)
  • Symptomatic testing (through postal services only)
  • Day 2 and 8 International Arrivals (through postal services only)
  • Test to Release




Health and safety regulations require employers to provide health monitoring, sometimes called “surveillance”, for their employees. Health surveillance entails a systematic approach to assessing and managing any potential risks to employee health.


Surveillance represents a preventative approach that is an effective means of detecting any change in employee health at the earliest possible stage.